CII exam season only weeks away

//CII exam season only weeks away

CII exam season only weeks away

April CII R06 and AF5 exams season is upon us – give yourself an edge with the best-selling and ever popular Verridian Complete Solution material.

Verridian leads the market in the provision of case study based aids for the CII exams. The Complete Solution.

As soon as the CII releases the case studies that form the basis of the exams themselves Verridian’s team of trainers, including CII examiners and markers analyse the material and produce a set of documents covering the issues, scenarios and questions you are likely to be presented with in the exam. We will then issue the Complete Solution material within a couple of days of the case studies being made available and in plenty of time for study before the sitting.

Of course we can’t claim to know the content of the exams but we can use our combined years of experience to provide our very best analysis of what will be asked given the case study content. This approach has helped hundreds of candidates pass their exams first time and we have first time pass rates exceeding 90%.

Please don’t be fooled by gimmicky sales pitches offering free “analyses” as long as you hand over your personal details. This is not an exercise in trying to sell you something else further down the line. Try to avoid rock bottom pricing too; quality analysis by qualified and recognised trainers is not something that can be done cheaply. You need analysis you can rely on not something that was produced by the lowest bidder.

The Complete Solution for April’s R06 and AF5 can be purchased at the great value price of £125 and £200 (plus vat) respectively, from our training page. Pre-order now.

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