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Top leaders are in demand, they have choice. Rarely are they scanning media ready and waiting to apply to an advertisement. Identifying and attracting this talent requires a rigorous approach and a thorough understanding of the relevant industry and functional roles. It also helps to have 50 plus years of experience working at that level in client firms and that’s what our executive search team brings.

We strive to know all we can about your organisation to gain deep insight into what kind of leader will be most effective for you – right from the start and long term. We work with you to pinpoint the ideal candidate’s competencies, personality traits, and behavioural characteristics. Indeed, an important part of our role is helping you rethink the very concept of “ideal candidate.” As we work with you to develop candidate profiles, we help you weigh not only the immediate challenges of the role, but also your overall strategic objectives and the corresponding opportunities to enhance diversity and inclusion.

With the objective well defined, our consultants personally and confidentially engage candidates prepared to meet your needs. Your search consultant is supported by a dedicated team of researchers who simultaneously run your requirements through relevant segments of our database. Through this rigorous process, we closely examine candidates who appear to be a potential match, create a working long list and then systematically work through those candidates gauging interest to produce a final short list for presentation. If required we will help design your interview and selection tools as well as facilitating any selection events. Effective recruitment doesn’t always begin and end with a CV and a shortlist.

Whether you are looking for someone to fill a board position or if you are a senior person looking for your next challenge, Verridian can help you. We have the expertise, contacts and determination to get you the position or person you want with a bespoke executive search service second to none.

Contact us on 0207 849 6954 or email: admin@verridian.co.uk