AF5 Complete Solution October 2016

//AF5 Complete Solution October 2016

AF5 Complete Solution October 2016



AF5 – Financial Planning Process

 The QCF level 6 advanced diploma in financial planning builds on the existing skills and knowledge attained by financial planners through their diploma studies. It consists of four papers by examination taken from a list of six in total. Candidates will often select which four of the six to take based on the type of client work they undertake.

 The only exception to this selection is the AF5 which is compulsory. We offer our Complete Solutions in support of AF5 as it is the only compulsory paper and often taken first by candidates.

 The case study upon which the examination is based is released prior to the examination sitting. Once we receive a copy of the case study we aim to have the Complete Solutions document ready to go within 72 hours.

 If you are buying outside of that window we will notify you as soon as the Complete Solutions document is ready to download.

 Please note that all Complete Solutions documents are copyright protected and must not be copied and distributed in any way post receipt.