R06 Complete Solution April 2017

//R06 Complete Solution April 2017

R06 Complete Solution April 2017



R06 – Financial Planning Practice

The diploma in financial planning is required for any financial planner engaging in advice to customers on retail investment products. It is modular in its structure and no longer contains any compulsory units. This is a recent change. We offer our Complete Solutions in support of R06 which focuses on the application of technical knowledge and planning skills.

The case study upon which the examination is based is released prior to the examination sitting. Once we receive a copy of the case study we aim to have the Complete Solutions document ready to go within 72 hours.

 If you are buying outside of that window we will notify you as soon as the Complete Solutions document is ready to download.

Please note that all Complete Solutions documents are copyright protected and must not be copied and distributed in any way post receipt.